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Onderland :)


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I tried so hard on the last few days in Round 1 of VLCD to hit onederland but the closest I got was 200.2lbs which was also my LDW for that round.

This morning I hit 199.7lbs so I have entered ‘virgin fat’ territory and ONEDERLAND :) I weighed twice this morning as I couldn’t believe the number the first time since it was so elusive back in round 1, lol.

I have to go grocery shopping after work – need food, all out of protein and need some fresh veggies.

I will say that this protocol has helped me enjoy non-processed foods all the more and when I veer off plan (I’m definitely not perfect) it makes me want to go back to clean eating since I feel so much better…mentally and physically. When I used to diet (weight watchers, counting calories etc) I still ate a lot of processed foods. While I do lose on these diets, it never made me crave fresh fruit/veggies and a baked chicken breast. I just ate my Lean Cuisine’s, low fat pudding cups, etc. Now? Give me fresh :)

Today for lunch: chicken and brussel sprouts – yum!

  • eb

    Way to go Trish. Rooting for you. And now craving brussel sprouts.

  • Jenn

    Congrats on ONEderland.

    I hope this works for you (a friend who is having gastric bypass after trying this said she lost 40 pounds in 3 months but then gained it all back once she went off plan because of the hormones? Her brother had the same thing happen, though in 2 months).