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Quiet on the Home Front

inMa Vie

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I’m in one of those moods where quiet is good. I go to work, do my thing and then come home and enjoy the pups and make a few hats here and there for orders. Nice and quiet.

Tomorrow I have the day off to go to the Creativ Festival and I’m excited, especially since I decided last week to add handmade cards to my Etsy store – like this one:

Handmade card by inamood @ Etsy

I restarted Round 2 of the hCG protocol on Saturday with the two days of loading (can you say OINK?) and now am on day four of VLCD. I find it harder this round as I’m comfortable at my current weight though still overweight. Ah well – I’m sure I will get back my weightloss mojo when I start seeing the numbers drop :)