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Home Renos and Foot Break

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Between basement renovations to get the house ready for a rewire (Basement Reno Photos), living room room updates, I also managed to fracture my left foot. My first real broken bone! Pretty impressive for 41+ years on this green dot :)

My house rewire happened the week of Aug 12th and what a mess! But it is 95% done, they are just awaiting us to finish the basement so they can do the work down there. We had to gut the basement so right now it is just studs and they won’t install lights, switches, receptacles without drywall.

But rather than complete the basement, my father decided he needed one area done in the house and so he started on the living room. We closed off a pass-through from the foyer to the dining area and extended the foyer closet with this found space, patched all holes left by the electricians and fixed any wall issues from the past owners. We also decided to change out all window, floor and door trim. We are currently at the painting stage with the walls having one prime coat on them. This weekend we will finish the painting and installing french doors to replace the sliding patios :)

Then he will go back to the basement and start on the upstairs with my bedroom being first (so I guess I better decide on paint colour!).

Inbetween all of this I managed to fracture the 5th metatarsal on my left foot by running down the stairs and missing the last three…ouch! I was running as Home Depot had arrived with my basement drywall and they ere going to drop it off in the wrong driveway.

I will try to update more, I really am trying to get back into blogging :)