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House Update

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So what has been going on in my world since my last post? Hmmm…broken foot healed as best as it could. It aches every once in a while but from my understanding it always will. There has also been tons of home renovations in the last year and a half. We have (and not in particular order):

  1. replaced all windows (pics)
  2. replaced the roof
  3. updated the basement bathroom (pics)
  4. built a pentagon shaped shed in the backyard (pics)
  5. made the foyer closet twice it’s size
  6. painted the interior (except kitchen)
  7. renovated the 2nd floor bathroom (pics)
  8. replaced all the doors (not yet painted)
  9. redrywalled the basement (pics)

I think that is it – there is still quite a bit to do:

  1. renovate kitchen
  2. replace attic insulation
  3. replace the front door
  4. re-side the house
  5. replace stair carpet
  6. add carpet to 2nd floor hallway
  7. paint all interior doors
  8. replace fencing in back yard
  9. parking pad for Buttercup*
  10. doggy door

And when I say we, I mean Dad. I would never have been able to do any of this without him. I cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring!

* Right now I have to move the cars around M-F as my father leaves first in the morning. We have spoken of taking a bit of the front yard and widening a part of the driveway.