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I am trying to learn to knit. I believe I tried about the same time a year ago and then as quickly as the want came to learn to knit, it left after I was able to knit (albiet exceedingly slowly), two baby hats. They were both not good enough for my etsy shop, nor was the dish cloth I made an attempt at.

Now, here I am again, it things are sticking much better and my patience is a lot better. I believe I love crocheting baby items as they are completed quite quickly – almost instant gratification. Knitting? Or at least, my knitting…not so much. But my patience allowing something I am working on not be done RIGHT NOW, is a lot better. For example last weekend I knit a cowl following a great Craftsy class; it took about 12 hours but I finished it and I am actually wearing it :)IMG_7465(1)

Yesterday I got it in my head that I wanted to make socks. I went to Michaels bought some yarn and double pointed needles (I tried once before to use magic loop to no avail) and went home and bought an Annie’s sock knitting class. What a disaster! Not the class, but the double pointed needles, LOL. I ended up frustrated and did no knitting the rest of night.

This morning I got up and decided I needed to give magic loop another try. The only issue was that I don’t have any long circular needles in sock sizes. So off to a LYS (well not so local, I don’t think my city has one so I went to the next city) and bought an Addi 40″ 2.5mm and some gorgeous sock yarn (for when I can actually make a good pair of socks).IMG_7468

Isn’t it pretty? The left is for me and the right will be for my sister :)

So I got home and I’ve been watching youtube video after video on magic loop and by golly I think I got it! I totally understand why/how it works and my little tube is ladderless!