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Adventures in Home Ownership

inMa Vie

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So I’m sitting here outside in my new house yard and a lot has happened since my last post. It is easier to summarize in bullet form I think:

On July 18th, I moved cities and moved from a condo to a 3 bedroom small house. I love it, though it is causing me a bit of angst right now. The day after I moved in (Friday), my large maple tree in back yard fell. It was already split (it grew that way) but it decided that it must fall after I move in and cost me $904 to have tree removed on the Saturday.

The week I moved we were experiencing a heat wave and the house does not have central air. The previous homeowners left 2 working window a/c units which was lovely but did not have them set up and ready to go. The house had been closed up for around a month and was sweltering! Dad came home from work and went to set up the two upstairs and we found out that basically all the electricity upstairs appears to be on one breaker. Really?

We did figure out eventually how to get both to operate (not high settings, leave the bathroom light off when they’re on, etc) and it took about 24 hours to remove the humidity and heat from the house. We had a couple more heatwave days and now we are in lovely late summer weather and I’ve not had my a/c on in the house for 3 days :)

Because of the electricity issue upstairs and Dad viewing the panel in the basement and seeing burnt wires…I called some electricians to get quotes for a house rewire. The week of August 12th I am spending $13,500 :(

I have now been in the house for a week today and we definitely are not all unpacked or cleaned. My sister and I spent 1.5 days cleaning my kitchen with industrial degreaser as it appears that the previous owners (Filipino) loved their oil/grease recipes and it was ALL over the kitchen. It actually became PART of the kitchen. I have a strange over the stove venting system (not your standard range hood) and when my sister was cleaning it, she took this bowl piece down and it was full of oil/grease and we were disgusted, lol. I immediately Googled the name of the system and it appears to be for households who use a lot of oil/grease in their cooking and it removes 85% of it from the air; I cleaned up the remaining 15% from the kitchen cabinets, counter tops, walls and ceiling. But it is clean now, though will be replaced.

We have done other odds and ends around the house and unpacked a lot but the house is still in disarray. As noted above I am sitting outside at my new patio set with my laptop and phone (tethering) waiting for Bell to complete the TV/internet setup. Even that had to be fixed when Bell came by last week to do my install. Hopefully today I can stop using my phone for internet :)

I leave you with the tree/no tree pics.
My beautiful tree with HammockBye Bye Tree

  • Heidi

    Ugh – what an ordeal! I know the tree and electrical work are the most expensive, but the grease in the kitchen sounded disgusting! I think you are smart to get the electrical work done and avoid more problems or even a fire. Hopefully, the worst is behind you and you have many worry-free days ahead!

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